By partnering with Sunita Travels you can be rest assured of transportation needs and concentrate on what matter the most, quality education.

School and College Bus Service From Vadodara

Starting from full fledged contract operations to part steps of services, we engage with our expertise in designing a solution specific to your school’s specific requirement and goals. While you are in control your partner Sunita Travels focuses on your desired result.

A toddler or younger child’s mindset and requirement during transportation are very different from grown up kids. They can get anxious during travel to and from school or day care. That is why at Sunita Travels we provide understanding and skilled drivers and monitoring systems along with safe environment during their travel.

Local staff members including drivers vadodara

Local staff members including drivers

We take pride in involving the local community starting from the operations staff to the drivers as they are the trusted faces of the community.

They share the same passion as you do of reaching the students to school safe on time. We give you full access to our local operations as they are located in and around your school property.

From day care facilities to schools or college Sunita Travels works with your goals and needs, keeping your budget in mind, a transportation system designed for your younger children. The focus of our early childhood services does not focus only on the child’s education but also its other needs. Apart from learning the safe ride in bus we also help the young children in learning best behaviour in bus including boarding on and off the bus.

Currently we are offical partner for CHARUSAT CHANGA University, GSFC University, Sigma College and many more Colleges for transport facility from vadodara.

Bus leasing and ownership vadodara

Bus leasing and ownership

You can either own your buses or sell them to NVS in case of immediate capital replacement. We will also be open to purchasing new buses for your transportation requirement.

Some of the schools choose to lease their buses from NVS without the worry of investment in buying new buses. Despite the option you choose NVS ensures safe and reliable operations.

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